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No Pull No Bull Dog Training Leash has been tested for the past four years on hundreds of dogs of different sizes and shapes. The main concern was to identify the dogs that pull on the leash while walking. As a trainer the most common question that arises in every class is "How do you stop a dog from pulling? My answer is the development of the No Pull No Bull Leash.

The leash works instantaneously from the time you put it on your dog. The dog quickly learns that the pet parent is back in the driver's seat, and walks are once again a big part of the dog's daily exercise. This innovative leash is simple in design, yet complex. The leash stops from the smallest dog to dogs weighing over 200 pounds dead in their tracks putting the joy in walking dogs once again back in the pet parent's court.

The No Pull No Bull Leash is designed to remove the pressure off the dog's neck and evenly distribute the pressure around the dog's abdomen thus taking control over the pulling dog. Dogs realize that there is a consequence for pulling so it is in there best interest to stop pulling to avoid the consequence.

Many will walk in and out of your life, but only a true friend will leave paw prints on your heart.   ~Anonymous

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